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1968 Prefects

The following photo was submitted by Richard Opperman and I include his notes:

"The people I can remember on the Prefects 1968 photograph are as follows:
1st Row Left to Right: Latrobe, Betty Austin, Trevor Hobbs, Doc Venter, ?, Ingu Machts, Hyeman Kotze.
2nd Row Left to Right: Michael Borcherts, Ion Bennett, Steyn boy, ?, Marius Venter, Willem Heusdens, Doris Meyer, David Benstead - -Smith, Edith Coetzee, Willem Mouton
3rd Row Left to Right: ?, Mark Webstock (passed away), Briel girl, Robert Lottering, Jennifer Wormse, Ruday Kretchme (now Burgess), Allen Took, Pamela Quinton, Richard Opperman, Hobbs sister. "


I had a further comment on the above photo from an ex pupil, Willem Mouton,now living in Chile,

I include his comments:


"I stumbled across this website by chance. We lived in Oranjemund from 1957 until 1973. My dad, Paul Mouton,  worked for “Security”. I was quite surprised to see my face on the 1968 prefects photo as well as the 1969 rugby photo. In the prefects photo I’m standing behind Hyman Kotze, next to Edith Coetzee. Karin de Wet is sitting next to Doc Venter and Anelma Maritz is standing behind Trevor Hobbs. The father of the girl next to Mark was a medical doctor. In the rugby photo I’m sitting next to Mr. Zandhuis. If I’m not mistaken the surname of the boy behind me is  Pienaar. That was a great team and the Eyre brothers were excellent players."

Thanks Willem

Another person who also spotted the missing names was Anelma East(Maritz), and I include her comments:

"Prefects 1968 photo: In the second line, the last two people on the right
hand side are Edith (can't remember the surname - her mom was a nursing
sister)and Willem Mouton.
I (Anelma Maritz)stand between the Steyn boy and Marius Venter in the second

Thanks Anelma