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Mark Swanepoel has helped put some names and memories to this page, and I include his comments -

" I have managed to think of a few names for the Rhodes 1977 swimming photo.Please find below.Also a song we used to sing while cheering our team on.
Back L/R       , ?, Margaret Fry,Ingrid Harris,Vivian Standbridge    ,Patricia Lineker,Marcelle Loubser,Zandi Zandhuis
Next L/R    , ?,  Michael Laubscher, ? ,Ian Spencer,Sheena Joubert,George Ruff,Brian Spencer(face),Gary Wilson,Myself,Simon Mason,Kevin Laubscher, ?,
next           ????
Next           , ? , ? , ? , Boetie Brink ,?, ? ,? , ?


Song we sang while cheering..to the tune of bachelor boy by Cliff Richard.

It went something like this ??!! or words to that effect.Plse feel free to correct,repair ,reload
When we training old Zandi said
Team i have something to  say
and what he told us well never forget
until our dying day
Heee said Rhodes
you are a winning team
and that's the way to stay
Rhodes you are a winning team until your dying day "