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1977 Std 5

1977Std 5

Thanks to Patricia for sending us this photo, I include here comments

"Here is photo of our std 5 class of 1977.  I can remember MOST names - I imagine Delia, Nicky or Patrick could help with those I don't remember!!
Left to Right - Top to Bottom
? Gooch, Simon Mason, Anne Jones, Wayne ?, Jackie Wilson, Stephen Brownless, Phillip Laubscher
Elmarie Brook, Me, Leigh Mcbride, Mark Laubscher, Lolita van der Merwe, Delia Olivier
Alison Bennet, Ruth Claasen, Patrick Mc Carthy, Nicky Hodge, Mark Walker
Stephen Claasen, Debbie Smith, Gary Ebstein, Sabine Meyer, (?), Warren Summers
Mnr Aucamp, Mev Williams, Mrs van Rensburg, Mr Zandhuis, Mrs Smart, Mrs Solomons, (?)"

UPDATE:Ok, this is the lazy way to do this, But Delia sent the following...


Was browsing the photographs section on the website and came across the photo that Patricia sent of our Std 5 class photo of 1977 – the naughtiest class to hit OPS (as the teacher’s labeled us at the time) J   Re the missing names she mentioned, perhaps you’d like to update -

Top row, first left: Thomas Gooch

Wayne Hoffman (between Ann Jones & Jackie Wilson)

Can’t either remember the guy’s name between Sabine Meyer & Warren Summers

It’s Kevin Laubscher on the end top row right, not Phillip Laubscher

It’s Tracey Smith (not Debbie Smith) between Stephen Claasen and Gary Epstein

The teacher’s name she can’t remember is Mr Koch (end guy on right) – will never forget him – he was our maths teacher, I was petrified of him J




The boy standing between Sabine Meyer & Warren Summers was André Reeksting (sp?).  Just a pity this photo didn’t include Mrs Ralphs, who was our English teacher earlier the year, or Ellen Muir, who had to leave for “medical” reasons. 


Elmari Brooke