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The following photo's were submitted by Oranjemunder, David Long who works on the DebMarine boats. The workers on the boats work shifts and are flown out to the boats by helicopters working out of the Oranjemund (CDM) Airport.

Most of these workers live in Windhoek and are flown in by Aeroplane and then transferred to the ships.

It is well known fact that the land based supply of diamonds have diminished and the bulf of the diamonds treated at the 4 Plant recovery are now sourced from the ocean.

View past the pilot

The View Past looking North


Landing on the Debmar Pacific


Coming into land on the Debmar Pacific

Boarding the choppers

Debmarine Workers Boarding the Helicopter

Boat on the ocean


The Debmar Pacific on the Atlantic

Getting Closer


Getting Closer

Loking the length of the boat

Looking along the Boat


The helicopter at night

Plant section of the boat

The Plant Section of the Boat


Sideview of the Debmar Pacific

Boat in action

The Boat in Action


The Chopper about to lift off


An Aerial shot of the town on the way to the Boats.

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