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Hobbies and Interests / cellphone software
« Last post by henniek on August 14, 2018, 01:12:57 PM »
when using the bank application to verify I recently got this message from ABSA bank . type of phone Samsung Galaxy S193 . 2014 model . they say that I will not be able to use my phone after December 2018 . see attached picture
Please suggest what one can do  . I just can not afford toe buy new phones every so often   Test2013
« Last post by WillemK on August 08, 2018, 03:28:55 PM »
Hi All.
We have almost a similar situation. My wife was born in Windhoek 1984 moved to Johannesburg 1986. All of her documents are South African: ID, Passport, Birth Certificate. But when we applied for her unabridged birth certificate in South Africa they could not give it and said that it is in Namibia. How would we go about finding out if it is indeed in Windhoek and applying for a unabridged birth certificate?

If there is someone here that can give advise, that would be greatly appreciated. And to make it a little harder - we are in living in Perth:)

Oranjemund Private School! / Re: Mrs Linda Ralph
« Last post by lostbok on July 13, 2018, 11:18:19 AM »
Diana -  Brian or John Ralph  had me guessing - there was a John Ralph as well . and his wife Name ? I forgot .  i think she was a teacher as well  / maybe at the creche  . john was a short person .

Pretty sure Georg was asking about Linda Ralphs (I think she taught several different years, but mostly ~Std4?)

Just going on the clues (albeit from ~9yrs ago):
I recieved a Mail from Mrs Linda Ralph yesterday. She was our class-teacher in 75 and 76 [correct years]. Great person [defintely :)]. One of the best teachers I had in OPS.
Linda lives in Chicago with her husband and teaches adult emigrants [correct on both accounts at the time]. They are planing to move back to England as her husband is retiring next year [correct again]. Their sons are roundabout 30 years old now[Hi! that's me!].
Things I Remember About Oranjemund! / Re: Oranjemund Cricket Club
« Last post by henniek on July 12, 2018, 05:53:24 PM »
Diana & Sandy . Quite correct dr Ian , medical docter in O' Mund. he was the springbok rugby man  , and Roy had the chiropractice  in cape town . Ian joined his brother at the practice . I  believe he is presently involved with nature conservation
Oranjemund Private School! / Re: Mrs Linda Ralph
« Last post by henniek on July 12, 2018, 05:45:46 PM »
Diana -  Brian or John Ralph  had me guessing - there was a John Ralph as well . and his wife Name ? I forgot .  i think she was a teacher as well  / maybe at the creche  . john was a short person . 
The Recipe Club! / Re: hot smoked wors
« Last post by Michael Alexander on July 12, 2018, 07:05:06 AM »
This I am going to try!

I only discovered the wonders of cooking with a Weber late in life and really enjoy the amazing range of meats one can prepare in it. Smoked whole birds being one of my favourites.

Another amazing product to cook in a Weber is Skilpaadjies, but only at the end of your main meal cooking....... Just drip them above the dying coals and close the lid, setting the vent to about 90% closed, then walk away and forget about them, in about 90 minutes you will be amazed to see that the skilppadjies have cooked and even in some cases, crisped.... All from leftover coals...
Well ,they buggered off soon after ,found out that this place is too expensive for their likes.. bye1 bye1 abouttime
The Recipe Club! / hot smoked wors
« Last post by lostbok on July 03, 2018, 01:24:52 PM »
More of a cooking technique than a recipe, but here's the guide I send to people when they ask how:

This is a great variation on braai'd wors that's pretty much idiot proof and all but guarantees not burning wors if you've got a lot of food to cook and want to have some time away from manning the braai grid - especially good if you're cooking anything else on another braai as what little time or effort is needed can be done very much at your convenience.

You'll need a kettle-style (Weber) braai with a lid and a lot of herbs (rosemary is best): I started this recipe when a neighbour cut down a rosemary thicket outside his house and I had harvested about 6 big black bags of the stuff in my garage.

..and you'll need some porkies / thick-cut boerie (anything except skinny wors as it will end up like droewors!).

Ideally allow yourself a little extra time the first time you do this as it's possible to kill off the heat source if you're not careful!

1) Get the braai going, you'll only need a SMALL amount of GOOD quality charcoal or hardwood that will give you a decent heat for 30-60 mins. Only start when the coals are at max heat. Weber "coal chimney" is ideal for getting this going! I can't get decent hardwood where I am, so usually use 4-6 large lumps of charcoal (at least the size of your fist).
2) Move the heat source on one side of the braai (using the little Weber retainers, if you have them).
3) Take a large* quantity of broken down rosemary branches, ideally freshly cut and dampened down: * a regular Pick'N'Pay shopping bag, fairly full, I put about a cup of water in the bag, shake it around and let the excess drain out.
4) Depending on the grid (with/without flaps), you may need two people (or move fast!), but you need to line up the boerewors / porkies on the grid AWAY from the heat source, then lift the flap/whole grid, place as much of the wet herbs on the heat source and then close the whole lot up as quickly as possible.
5) go and get another drink and wait: if you can see some smoke, then your food has started cooking.... only lift the lid if there's no smoke.

Cooking times vary a LOT depending on heat source and how often you check them, but can be anything from 20-45mins - you're essentially oven cooking them, but with a strong rosemary smoked flavour. Normally around 25-30mins if you've got some good, dense coal and don't check it too often.

I'd recommend keeping the lid on almost all the time and throttling the air so it allows the herbs to smoulder, but ideally NOT to flame or burn properly.

6) If the smoke stops altogether OR at ~15mins lift the lids and check how quickly it's cooking and to do some "maintenance":
   a) the rosemary might need turning / damping down / replacing
   b) the sausage WILL need turning at least the once - note that it goes brown from the TOP, so will dry out if you don't.

The meat will probably end up with a pink outside edge from the rosemary oils and smoke penetrating it, so don't think that's undercooked, just check the centre is piping hot, which is should be!

NB - common sense really, but after a few beers, you may not realise this, but if you if you kill off the fire and need to get it going again, make sure you move your wors away from the fire as there will be a lot of ash when you start to fan the coals!!!!
Things I Remember About Oranjemund! / Re: Oranjemund Cricket Club
« Last post by lostbok on July 03, 2018, 12:42:52 PM »
I was actually looking for a photo of Brian and Linda Ralph regarding Georg Jnr's topic...

Hi Diana, I replied to Georg Jnr's topic (

Surname is Ralphs (if that helps) and I think you need to look starting possibly as early as '73, but mostly '74-'76, possibly also '77 for my dad.

You're not going to find any recent hockey photo's of them though - bowls is more their sport these days :)

As circled on the far right of the attached photo...
« Last post by lostbok on July 03, 2018, 10:19:26 AM »
Mine wasn't just hand written... it was handwritten in Pretoria, but the last time I needed to get a copy was just around Namibian independence (1990).

I think everybody born before UN res435 came into play has their birth certificates recorded in Pretoria - it sounds like this has happened, but I wasn't sure if any of those were retrospectively copied/moved to Luderitz/Windhoek....
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