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Oranjemund Bush Telegraph! / Old Oranjemunder Visits ~ Tony Jackman!
« Last post by Michael Alexander on June 19, 2018, 12:22:47 PM »
Was nice to meet up with old Oranjemunder, Tony Jackman, who left in 1969.

He spent two nights in the town of his birth writing an article I believe.

He visited the graveyard, MOTHS and managed to squeeze in a sundowner down at the yacht club.

It was nice to listen to a bit of the history from the 60's.

Hope to see him return one day!
Bertie! it's time you came back for a visit..... The Hydroponics has turned into a massive Fruit & Veg project.... hear it's about to expand.....

I wonder who is living in E10/11th?  , wonder if they are interested in buying the house....   :ciupa1:
 ThatStinks2 I did not receive an "Offer to Purchase" for E10/11.  pls
Spoke to a number of people in Spar today, all were excited about the opportunity to buy an old mine house, the banks stepping up to finance......

In retrospect, seeing how crazy some parts of the world have become, it might be nice to live in a quiet corner of the desert next to a lazy river with the odd bok wandering past your gate...
I installed two diesel generators at Dabaras around 1970 , they poured the base for a small power house with cable ducts for out going cables which ran a series of pumps to irrigate certain areas. The generators were installed and were running just sitting out in the open, then later they built the structure around them. Polly Pollard was the farm manager at that time and spent many a hour talking about that project. If I'm correct there were over 6 to 8 pumps at that time. The generators were pretty old but worked a charm. Seems like only yesterday.

Think this is what was referred to as "The Pomphuis" , for a number of reasons..
On Monday, various parties were present to witness the signing of a 90 page MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the mine and the OTC (Oranjemund Town Council) , for some obscure reason, the 90 page document will not be made available for public scrutiny which only feeds the desire of of many members of the public to know what is actually in it.... afterall mhy allt he cloak and daggers if the OTC is representation of the public of Oranjemund?


Town Folk started to receive their letters to purchase the buildings they currently occupy....

Some are happy and are excited by the prospect of becoming property owners...
Others feel they are being forced into this..... claiming that they have been told that if they do not buy, the premises will be offered to others...
Ans some feel the buildings are overpriced, yet some feel they are picking up a bargain....

My opinion? For once, the less said the better......

Oranjemund Bush Telegraph! / Re: VS - 2018
« Last post by Michael Alexander on June 13, 2018, 07:10:05 AM »
I hear that there is a 2nd round of VS coming up soon.....

More contractors are starting to frequent the local Spar....

I have also noticed a lot more ADVANCE removal trucks in town of late...
Photographs Comment Board / Re: One Plant Today!
« Last post by henniek on May 06, 2018, 04:27:25 PM »
during the recession 1979 / 80. all the plants were mothballed except no 4 plant . and  to recommission them after rusting away for 2-3 years  , cost many millions of Rands
Photographs Comment Board / Re: One Plant Today!
« Last post by Michael Alexander on May 02, 2018, 09:24:59 PM »
Only 3 plant left and still going strong.... All of 1 & 2 Plant have been removed....and most of 4 plant...  PTF plant, the most Southern plant commissioned around 1990 is currently being deconstructed......
Photographs Comment Board / Re: One Plant Today!
« Last post by henniek on April 27, 2018, 08:08:17 AM »
a few more
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