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Title: Returning home July 2012
Post by: Rhona on July 31, 2012, 04:06:38 PM
I'm just after spending the best extended weekend ever - what a trip and I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness and hospitality, Mike & Michele went over and beyond to make us feel at home - I think the first mistake was saying 'make yourself at home' because seconds later the music system was ours  sorriso2
Where to begin, we literally skid into Oranjemund by the seat of our pants with seconds to spare - we cut it so tight Mike A even came looking for us......I think he was going to smuggle us in if we were late. Then just to be sociable we went back to his place, met Michele and polished off all the beer in his house  image 11
We stayed the weekend in Toms Cabin and I honestly can't say enough for the place - Jimmy met us regularly and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there (all within walking distance of town - which we attempted numerously and got lost on every occasion, in fact if the truth be told every time we ventured out alone we had to call Michele to rescue us  image201 )

Heading off for a walk around the waterfront in Capetown now but will be back in a little to tell all about my stunning weekend - before I go though I want to say a big thank you to Mike & Michele for everything, to Mike Stenson for showing us around, helping with the shooting, cooking a delicious meal and helping with the beers, to Stevie for driving us home and keeping us out of the night-club and Paul & Melanie for the poitjie and the hospitality...... Really had the best time ever and got some superb pictures, which I'll post when I return the the Emerald Isle

  image203  image203  image203
Title: Re: Returning home July 2012
Post by: Mike Voden on July 31, 2012, 04:42:00 PM
Can't wait for the pics Rhona, glad Mick and yourself had a great time
Title: Re: Returning home July 2012
Post by: Michael Alexander on August 01, 2012, 02:56:44 PM
 :wow1:  Gulp! there's pictures?

Title: Re: Returning home July 2012
Post by: Rhona on August 01, 2012, 08:10:18 PM
Lots of pictures Mike  :buffo9:
But don't worry I have to send them to you or Stennie first to size them and post so they will be censured  image031
Just back from a trip to Robben island which I thoroughly enjoyed.

So back to my Oranjemund weekend - on Friday we went for a drive in and around O'mund with both Mike A and Mike S; it truly was breathtaking as we went to their campsite, also around the various clubs, the beach, shepherds neck to name but a few. On returning to Mikes we had a braai and a 'few' sociable beers.......then the Irish took over as resident DJ - I'd like to now apologise to all the neighbours for the noise  sorriso2
The three Mikes and myself headed to the pub and somewhere along the way we lost one of the Mikes  yesno
On Saturday morning we headed to the horse-riding club, it really was a lovely morning and the sun was shining hot, while the boys had the most delicious looking home-made pies I just couldn't resist the chocolate cake  chocolate-51
In the afternoon we went to Pauls house for a potjie, a couple of 'fat frogs' and one or two 'dolly dazzlers'.  There was both a chicken & a beef potjie on offer.......we really were being spoiled  feedme   image 11
Sunday we went to the gun-club, I watched as the Mikes tried to shoot at targets - well, boys will be boys, right?  image24
After shooting we went for a drink in a 'sheeben' WOW! Now that was an experience in itself  :wow1:
Then it was back to Mike A's where Mike S cooked us a delicious meal of rolled pork  feedme
Sunday was a relaxed afternoon and we all sat around the fire chatting and enjoying each others company. I have to say I was a bit emotional saying goodbye  image031
  msn emoticon (46) and thank you once again for an absolutely fantastic weekend
I'll definitely be back
  bye1 bye1  msn emoticon (46)  3d smiles(281)
Title: Re: Returning home July 2012
Post by: Mike Stenson on August 08, 2012, 07:17:54 PM
Rhona's holiday pics.....
Title: Re: Returning home July 2012
Post by: Mike Stenson on August 08, 2012, 07:30:19 PM
Rhona's holiday pics..
Title: Re: Returning home July 2012
Post by: SandyB on August 08, 2012, 10:13:34 PM
No pics of Celts dancing around fire ??  me dissapointed ,,     16_1_231