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Title: Age & staying fit
Post by: Dalene Steenkamp (Coetzee) on October 08, 2008, 01:10:42 PM
This morning I was surprised and amased ....

Into the gym comes this lady of 68 and declares that she has never in her life excersised before, but she has decided it's time she starts doing something and she wants to join.  The gym owner and instructor took her in, signed her up and started working with her.   She was there for half an hour  -  sweat pouring from her, face red, out of breath, but...  she was happy and smiling and solemnly declared that she will not stop, for she was feeling so good. 

Aparrently her husband died about 6 months ago and she went into a state of depression.  She went to a pshyciatrist (thank heaven for him/her), who told her to join a gym for there is nothing like a workout to clear the mind and get the spirits up again. 

At her age  -  to actually do the thing :    woo_hoo   you go tannie !  You got guts and what's best  -  you walked out that gym with a smile on your face.  Your muscles might be a little sore this afternoon or tomorrow morning, but I know you are going to come back.   Yay  -  what an ispiration for me and the others.  Even Riana, the gym owner and instructor was all smiles after the tannie left.

See  -  never to old to get physical again!
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Patricia Lotte on October 08, 2008, 01:23:02 PM
Way to go ouma ... Good on her. Hope she doesn't let the aches and pains stop her from returning.
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Cherry (Alcock) on October 08, 2008, 03:36:28 PM
Makes me feel guilty!  My mom at 73 goes to Curves 3x a week - shame on me!
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Bertie Horak on October 08, 2008, 03:37:41 PM
Cherry/Dalene - So there's still hope for me!  No, great attitude auntie, and I hope she enjoys the people in the gym to help her get through the tough time.  I'm sure with new friends like Dalene she'll feel at home very soon.

I know somebody else who's very fit - my Mom - at 73 she still does all her house work, gardening etc. herself.  Never had any help.  Also easier for her to walk to the center of town (Malmesbury) to go shopping and back up the steep hill to their house - because it's too much trouble pulling out the car!  Only freaks me out when I get there, and suddenly the cement path has been moved - "oh I just moved the slabs a few meters that way, they're not so heavy", she says!
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Dalene Steenkamp (Coetzee) on October 09, 2008, 12:57:51 PM
 image071   Tannie Miem (that's her name) was back at the gym this morning  -  a little sore, but happy as can be and chatted away cheerfully while on the treadmill and on the bicycle.  A true darling  -  even joked about getting into shape and then making the men's heads turn again. 

Just 2 days, and her spirits are 10 times higher.  Say's she is going to make an appointment with the hairdresser today to get her hair cut and coloured...  Got to get my butt in gear, for one of these day's tannie Miem is going to give us a real go.  She even stayed for 45 mins today. 
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Rhona on October 09, 2008, 01:59:30 PM
Whoa! that is absolutely brilliant.....make sure and tell Tannie Miem she has a whole cyber family behind her all the way  dawoman
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Bertie Horak on October 09, 2008, 05:28:19 PM
Wow, she's definitely on the up!  Way to go Tannie Miem!
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: barb (Fry) on October 09, 2008, 05:49:42 PM
Just thought I's add that there is a lady in my yoga class who is 85
she can still lift her leg up onto a table top - she has problems kneeling due to the knee replacements she's had and can't sit cross legged with her knees on the floor due to the hip replacements
But she can still move about and says in comparison to her contemparies she's the most agile and has the least aches and pains
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Rhona on October 09, 2008, 05:56:01 PM
85..........wow! I don't think I could even lift my leg onto a table top - good for her  :emot112_2:
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Diana Rudd (Boehme) on October 09, 2008, 10:17:03 PM
 :emot112_2: Aunty Miems  yougogirl

I have an allergy to gym......got a doctors note and all.
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Florrie van Zyl (Muir) on October 10, 2008, 10:26:36 PM
Makes me feel guilty, my doctor has also told me to go to gym because of depression but I am the laziest person on this planet, keep planning to go but never do. We live next to Virgin Active, I pay a monthly membership but I'm always full of excuses.
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Michael Alexander on October 11, 2008, 06:44:19 AM
I try to swim 30 lengths every morning in the town pool.... There are many a day..were i just don't feel like it..... I don't stand next to the water pondering about it...I make a decisive point to walk from the change room and dive into the wate immediately..... the second that I hit the water.... I know that I have done the right thing...... once I have finished...I feel awesome..... and wonder to myself why I ever doubted going for the swim in the first place..... it was the best thing I do on a daily basis..... and relieves a tremendous amount of tension.,..... negative energy.....

Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Florrie van Zyl (Muir) on October 11, 2008, 06:14:19 PM
When I do go, I feel so good afterwards but just getting myself to go there is the problem. Been really busy lately but as from end of this month should have more time, will definitely start then.
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: SandyB on January 18, 2009, 08:58:45 PM
Im  sort of proud of myself ... I  got by  butt  in  gear and went back to Gym for the first time in  1 1/2 years .. reason ... my  bulletproof body  that ahs served me so well ...  no weight  issue . as I'm a fatburner ,. cholestrol low .. BP  magnificent  , never sick ..etc etc .. my shock  and yes the reason i know the stress of the last  year and bit has taken its toll ... my BP  from 110 /70  (  on the  low side  but  acceptable for my frame )  and pulse rate of   66 - 72 ..  when i went for a checkup has mutated into   140 / 90 or something like that ...  Doc said its a form of hypertension and yes a  true reflection of whats been happening emotionally and  displaying as physical ... and yes me been on a " holiday "  this  last year and  bit supping too much ( numbing ) and yes smoking a bit more ..  also worrying about all the  house maintenace issues  that now looked like a huge  cliff in front of me .. " how am i going to get it all done ..??/ " fret  .. lave alone .. fret cos i'm not getting things done ... not good  ... I have sat down .. I now have the finacial means to hire somebody good to  do it for me .. sure yes taclke the small  jobs that when completed give one a sense of acomplishment  but leave the big  shit to  others that one can pay for services .. my  one colleague  at work has good recomended  project manager that ahs done some jobs for him ..  and only sings praise  ( and he's a difficult Boer ) so   if he happy , suppose i will be ..
 anyhow it was hell driving to gym .. all i wanted to do was turn the car around  and go back home .. once there i gently started out ..  Whow .. my body has responded and  is actually overjoyed ...  kept it low key and will do so for a few weeks .. but yes i do hope my next checkup will show a shift due to  mindshift and taking my responsibility  back ....
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Patricia Lotte on January 19, 2009, 06:06:09 AM
Well done Sandy ... Bet you're feeling great despite the stiffness, aches and pains.  rooster
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: SandyB on January 19, 2009, 09:09:01 AM
Patricia .. no  stiffness  no  aches ..  me   an active person anyhow  ..  at .work    on my  feet most  the time  ..flying up and down steps .. walk  fast ...  etc ..
But yes  doing  gym..  my  favourites .. toning  .. elliptical trainer ..  rowing ..  I  virtually go into a  meditaion  mode  while rowing ..  back stroke  breathe in   say  good  energy in ..  forward stroke  breathe out .. say bad  energy out ... i  repeat all kinds of  in and out  things .. good health in ..  bad health  out ..   etc etc .. so its very relaxing for the mind  and  yes  reaffirming ..  body and mind ...  thats the  benefit ... once I get   toning routine right  .. i will go  back to light weights as well ..  and of course  a bit  of  swimming ..
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Patricia Lotte on January 19, 2009, 11:36:00 AM
Exercise is the key to staying young and in shape. You've got to keep those muscles moving, just like you need to keep your brain working with age. I did a 10km run last Friday and am feeling great again just having made the effort to participate. Ok, I didn't look as fresh as the marathon runners when they crossed the finish line after 42km, but hey, they run that distance all the time ... Must say that Haile Gebresalassie is the greatest runner of all times, and he makes it look so easy. He missed the world record by less than 2 minutes on Friday.
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Dalene Steenkamp (Coetzee) on January 19, 2009, 02:02:05 PM

Well done Sandy  -  proud of you that you made the right desicion to back to the gym.  Keep us updated on the progress as you go along...

Way to go Patricia  ....

Kept up my fitness levels all through the holiday as well.   Took my dumbells with  -  some days I walked 8km with dumbells  -  working out as I walked and on the days I walked without them I did 12km.   Weight remained stable and I did not suffer so much to get back to the gym when I got back.  (Believe me  -  I did consume my amount of beer....)
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: DUNJA WRBKA on January 20, 2009, 06:44:49 PM
 cat3  I myself decided that I needed to get my behind into gear and get fit this year.  Did not want to purchase another gym membership (white elephant)  only  to go for a month or two, not knowing exactly what I am doing only to return to being a couch potato.  Instead this year I decided to get myself a personal trainer that will come to my house and give me my excercises routine at home.  There is no way that I can run from that or decide on my way home from work that "I am not in the mood"

Wish me luck as I have been a "serious" couch potato and know that muscles are going to ache that I did not even know existed! lol
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Michele Alexander (Voden) on January 20, 2009, 07:43:08 PM
Good for you Dunja - you'll have to keep us up to date on how it goes! Mike and I have also just started swimming again and I already feel much the better for it - at least I get to work on my tan again!
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Bertie Horak on January 20, 2009, 08:19:46 PM
@ Michele - so Mike at last managed to drag you to his porta-pool?  We know he's been trying!  swink
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Rhona on January 20, 2009, 09:42:49 PM
@ Dunja - Personal Trainer hey? Definitely keep us up to date - hope your trainer is easy on the eye  image071
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: SandyB on January 20, 2009, 10:58:29 PM
Went again 2nite ... my Gym open till  10: 30  so I dont have to stress about time .. anyhow a bit of night creature  so suits .. so far no pain  .. pulse  rate not climbing too much  so I still got residual fitness ,,, and yes body  relishing in it ..  my program is to be ,,  possibly  sat definite  Sun .. tuesday and thursday ...
Title: Re: Age & staying fit
Post by: Dalene Steenkamp (Coetzee) on January 21, 2009, 08:00:15 AM
Good for you Dunja!  Same wishes as Rhona....  he he

I love going to the gym...  the interaction and chats we have there is just great and we inspire each other as we go along and give compliments and moan together about all our "mistakes"....   

Nice for you Michele  -   all of us back in office now has the holiday tan fading real fast.  I envy you.