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« on: August 17, 2008, 10:48:24 AM »
Regarding the issue of braai meat and cancer - my thoughts: 36_1_72

Studies have shown there is a connection between foods (especially meats and starches), cooked at high temperatures (grilling/braaiing) and cancer, mainly because of chemicals called heterocyclic amines and acrylamide which are formed during the cooking process.

All foods have a temperature point (lability) by which its chemical configuration changes.  Processes that change the chemistry include pasteurization, deep-frying and barbecuing. 

We got our immune systems and gastro-intestinal tract from early man, who ate mainly raw foods, so our bodies know how to digest natural foods and have the enzymes and good bacteria to manage this.  When excessively heated foods enter the body, it is not recognized and can not be digested and metabolized properly.

The more food is cooked, the more difficult it is to be digested and the longer it stays in the gut.  Carbohydrates (sugars) start to ferment, proteins start to putrefy, and fats become rancid – all leading to the formation of toxins.

Toxins upset the balance of good bacteria (flora) in the gut, with subsequent overgrowth of bad bacteria and fungi.  This, together with inflammation of the gut lining, causes the gut to become “leaky” and the toxins can easily enter the blood stream as “free radicals”.  These free radicals can lodge anywhere in the body and causes problems on cellular level.  Our immune system is forced to fight something we put there through food and bad eating habits.  The immune system becomes exhausted, and we are then more prone to infections, degenerative disease and cancers.

Does this mean we shouldn’t eat any braai meat????   NO! woo_hoo

The healthier the body, the easier it is to tolerate chemical attacks.  However, the more we consume them, the more your health could be dragged down. Moderation, I say!

What can I do to minimize the damage?
- Add Vitamin E to the diet – nuts, seeds, wheat germ oil, and colorful berries like cherries and blueberries which contain a lot of anti-oxidants to help remove free radicals.
- Use lower heats when cooking – steam, boil, stew.
- Consume as many raw, uncooked, unprocessed foods as possible.
- When braaiing – use high heats for short periods only – it’s better to sear the outside to improve the flavor, while the bulk of the inside is less affected.
- Bon apetite au natural!
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Thank you Bertie for that bit of uselfull advice  bighug
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