Author Topic: Why I think Kudu Gas will never happen!  (Read 404 times)

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Why I think Kudu Gas will never happen!
« on: May 13, 2019, 04:36:47 PM »
I was in Luderitz this past weekend and was impressed to see three wind turbines on the hills to the east of the town.
I always thought Oranjemund had sufficient Wind to do this.

I did some research into it and found a 2017 article at


Part of the article states:

This will reduce energy imports while at the same time creating vital local economic development opportunities. Said Ndilula. Eighteen power purchase agreements, translation into the supply of 171 MW of renewable energy, have been signed with independent power producers (IPPs). Together, the 18 IPPs will invest a combined amount of approximately N$4.2 billion in the local electricity supply sector, and ultimately the Namibian economy in the next 24 months, said Ndilula.

This was interesting because... if one does the Maths.

Last time I checked , Kudu Gas was running at around 36 Billion for 600MW ,for a finite source.
IPP's generat green energy , 200MW for around N$5 billion.

This is why KUDU Gas will never happen. Old tech....... too expensive.

Luderitz took the initiative above and now have three turbines generating infinite power.
Pity Oranjemund Town Council was not so progressive. Three of these turbines on the dune ridge
north of the town would do wonders.

Just my thoughts I guess...
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