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Re: Oranjemund Online turns 1!
« Reply #60 on: June 26, 2008, 09:49:32 AM »
My fellow (ex) Oranjemunders, I would just like to inform you that today, Thursday, 26th June 2008,

is the first Anniversary of

The site has been a terrific success, with the forum section ,leading the way.

When I created the site, I added the Forum as an afterthought and in all honesty failed to realise

that this would become the "heart" of the entire site.

We have an unbelievable membership of 481 members, covering more than 1753 topics, which vary in

content from Oranjemund , the past, present and future, Sports, Hobbies, memories, shipwrecks,

photographs, reunions... far to many to mention. A very successful reunion was even organised in

March, with quite a few of the Forums members getting to meet each other.

I have been touched by the number of emails I have received and will be the first to admit that I

get a shiver up my spine each time I hear that old friends have found each other due to the site.

"A sense of mission accomplished!"

Now all this success of the site, is due to all of you, from our Admins, Georgswa ( who is a beacon

to those who think that pensioners are to old to be surfing the net), Mike Stenson, my wingman here

in Oranjemund, Our  board moderators, Georg Jnr and Kenny Ramage, and recently to Bertie Horak, who

went beyond the call of duty yesterday and drove in excess of 250km around Cape Town, delivering

bottles of KWV to Cape Town based forum members in preparation for the online "cyber" party

tonight. I guess my wife Michele should also be thanked for allowing me to abuse my internet


I think above all the largest thanks should go to all of you members who have kept the forum alive

with your input, discussions and memories. These are members who's age vary over a period of 5

decades, but that common thread, which is Oranjemund, still binds us, no matter where in the world

we now reside.

For the technophobes of you out there, the entire site in one year has generated in excess of 60

Gigs of traffic and the forum alone is now sitting on an impressive 910 000 page views, I believe

the 1 million page view record shall be hit by the end of July 2008.

I would also in closing like to extend my sincerest thanks to Annette Schoeman at the Japser House

museum in Oranjemund, who has allowed me to digitize a lot of old photo's and documentation.

If any of you are feeling up to a birthday chat, please feel free to join us online tonight at

19h30 (nam time) 20h30 (Za time). Here is the link to that board -----


Those of you who might be interested in attending a Reunion in November.please read the board

explaining the reunion on the forum.

It's been a great ride, enjoy

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Re: Oranjemund Online turns 1!
« Reply #61 on: June 26, 2008, 10:04:16 AM »
Great words Mike!
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Re: Oranjemund Online turns 1!
« Reply #62 on: June 26, 2008, 10:28:49 AM »

Thank you Mike for this site  bighug