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Old Friends
« on: July 06, 2007, 04:57:07 PM »
To everyone looking for the Fields girls...can i ask are these Steven Fields sisters?....if so i maybe able to help, i am and have been looking for steven fields for years, I have just found my very dearest old friends from O/M during the 60's Nicolene Barratt and Verona. Sandy Buchannon, John Van der Hooven, Dyan Young Bobby Smith to name but a few. A life long dream as now come true as my time in O/M just seemed like a long forgotten place that has held such special memories for me for so very long, now having re met all these very special people again last year in cape town as we all approached 50 we all still felt the bond.
Back to the fields girls.......While i was in C/T i went to see Mavis Fields who i had found through another friend, Roy actually died in C/T, I asked about steven but Mavis had not heard from him in a long time. However i know her girls were scattered all over the world, so if these are the ones your looking for please email me at and ill pass on what i can to you....Steven was last heard of in a place called Worksop in england which is just a few miles from me but ive had no look in tracing him, so any info would be great.
ive got lots of old pic's and will get them on this site soon.
Ps my dream is to try and get back to O/M this year for a reunion......drawn a blank on this....due to passes and lack of places to stay.....any ideas on that please.
Sure ill be looking on here every night now..........isnt this wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Old Friends
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2007, 08:25:35 PM »
Bev, I think alot of Old Oranjemunder's , say prior to 1992, who return here, I think will be dissappointed in a lot. Things have changed up here, The demographics of the town have changed, virtually no expats here, half the clubs are'nt around anymore. The bioscope is a raging niteclub, the sportsmans bar no longer serves the same clientel, Casey's bar is outsourced and called Coolbox Bar... and there are very few old timers left here.

There will always be a place to stay here, security clearances can be arranged, but don't be to dissappointed!


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