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Mrs Doppies's Birthday!
« on: April 29, 2010, 10:03:08 AM »
I forgot to mention this, but the local eccentric Doc of ours, Dr. Doppies, in true old style fashion threw a surprise 60th Birthday bash for his missus the weekend before last..... he invited a mountain of people around to his house, which is the big house next to the Police Station, reckoned he was gonna drive the Police outta their station with Koos Kombuis for the weekend.... he also invited all the old timers still living in Omund, which included the last Scot and Irishman , Jock & Tom...... Anyhow, when I arrived there, the atmosphere was awesome.....

There were potjiepots bubbling away, a massive Fish braai with prawns galore..... what was nice , was to see that the Afrikaaners , Oshiwambo, Expats, English were all mingling.... but one could just feel, that here was brewing one of those old Oranjemund parties...

... And I was right, as the sun set, out came the youngster with the old fashioned squeeze box.... the dentist, whipped out a Guitar, saw jock being handed a drum by the Doc, the lady next to him suddenly made a tamborine appear in her hands..... and viola..... suddenly the Oranjemund from bygone days reappeared...... Folk Music galore...... what a night, what a bash..... what a vast array of folk musicians we have in this town of ours...... Daar in die Ou Transvaal..... My Sarie Marie, Bobbejaan klim die berg, The sash my father wore, The flower of Scotland, Annie's Song, Country Boy, Das Sudwesterliedt........

Thanks Mr and Mrs Doppies for an awesome nostalgic night...... can't wait for die volgende een.....

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