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Organic lawn "moo - ers"
« on: January 14, 2008, 11:15:10 AM »
I have decided that it's too much wasting of energy and time to go about the traditional way of mowing the lawn, so I converted to the organical method.

Look at these lawnmowers, guys.  The benefits are:
No electricity and long cables needed
Cuts very neat and short
Furtilizes while cutting
BEE already in place  -  Black & White
No labour problems or possible injuries at work
No salary needs to be paid
Department of labour cannot interfere for using under age persons, but in this case they work just as well.

(The gate was left open so the cows came into the yard.  I decided to leave them there for a while, 'cos the grass really has to be mowed.  Only problem is, you have to watch them all the time, so they don't start eating all your plants as well.)  Building on a new "kuier plek" - from there the grass taken out and the foudation part you see in the one picture
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