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On the right is Brandon van der Westhuizen. Left may be someone called Jeremy. Not sure.

Alan Ferrie on the big horse. Johnnie Raul on the pony.

Alan Ferrie riding in a Mule Derby race.

Oom Dannie Pollard from the riding club. He was a horse god. Do you remember his circus horses?

Claire Sanderson

Chantelle Oliver, Me and Lara Pelton and I think a girl called Dunya Wripka in the front. That was at Beauvallon Farm.

A Mule Derby race. Have no idea who that is.

Great picture!!. Its Chantelle Oliver, Kelly Reid and either Alan Ferrie or Andre Bezuidenhout (not sure). The sword thingys were for a game called stirrup lifting. It was really wild. Can’t believe they let us do that!!!

Kelly Reid

I think its Andre Bezuidenhout. I know the horse is Crystal because she became mine. I bought her off Alan Ferrie but I think she was Andre’s first.

Not sure what this was all about.

I recognize the face. Can’t remember a name.

Ollie Oliver.

I think this may be Dorean de Clerk.

Thanks for the comments and Pic's Rebecca.