The Area

Round & About

Swartkops Farm and the bridge.jpg

The Main Office Block.jpg

The Original store in today's Post Office.jpg

The Retail store in the present Post Office.jpg

View of Hohenfels from Beauvallon.jpg

Aerial view over Swartkops in 1950.jpg

Beauvallon Blooms.jpg

Beauvallon Farming.jpg

Building the Mess.jpg

CDM Butchery.jpg

Compound Gardens.jpg

Early Beauvallon.jpg

Fresh Milk In Production at Beauvallon.jpg

Happy Days at Beauvallon.jpg


Inside the local Mess.jpg

Inside the Retail Store.jpg

Irrigating Beauvallon.jpg

Ladies Showroom, Retail Centre.jpg

Local Mess in 1954.jpg

Pap in a Bucket at The Compound.jpg

Rich Soil of Beauvallon.jpg

River Mouth in 1954.jpg

Suppertime at the Compound.jpg

Dairy Herd grazing at Beauvallon 1957.jpg

Orange tree's in 1957 at Beauvallon.jpg




Early Shopping Centre.jpg

The First Golf Club Building.jpg

The New Yacht Club.jpg

Veggie Mark.jpg

Aerial phot of Golfcourse in the late 50's.jpg

Aerial view of developing Golf Course.jpg


Beauvallon Farm pump station.jpg

Beauvallon Milk Herd.jpg

Beauvallon the beginning.jpg

Beauvallon town.jpg

Beginning the bridge.jpg

Bridge Building scene.jpg

Bridge Construction.jpg

Bridge Opening Speech.jpg

Chicken processing plant at Beauvallon.jpg

Driftwood on the Bridge.jpg

Farmlands at Beauvallon.jpg

From the minestore facing south.jpg

Garden of Eden at Beauvallon.jpg

Great Beauvallon Dairy herd.jpg

Guard dogs at Bridge.jpg

Milk filling at Beauvallon.jpg

More Bridge Speeches.jpg

More bridgebuilding.jpg

New Tree's at Beauvallon.jpg

North end of Golf Course.jpg

Opening the Gate.jpg

Oppenheimer bridge speech in 1950.jpg

Orange Mouth in the 50's.jpg

Security Dog Handler.jpg

Speech at Bridge opening.jpg

Speech at Bridge Opening2.jpg

Sun over the Orange River.jpg

The Plaque.jpg