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INSIDE THE BAKERY, (Note the old Oven imported from overseas)

In the early hours, on your way to work or school, one would have the smell of warm, freshly baked bread wafting over the town.

A system of leaving a white plastic bucket hanging from your back gate, with a white, red, black plastic coupon inside. When you arrived back from work, the plastic bucket had been filled with bread and milk. Nobody stole your bread. What an honest town to live in. What a bygone era of trust, long since gone.

As kids, we left for school 10 minutes early, stopping by at the backdoor of the bakery, you were almost guarenteed of a hot piece of bread.

A CDM loaf, stamped with the company letters on the side of your loaf.

There were 2 white lorry's that would cruise the avenues, picking up your coupons and leaving bread and milk.Often we would ride on our bicycles alongside the lorry trying to "borrow" a loaf or two.

Alas , the Bakery is no more. It stopped operation in 1990. The local Spar and Bon Appetite Bakery now produce the town's bread.

On another note, I remember my father telling me that in the 70's, if you were planning to have a braai or party, you could phone the abbatoir and cooldrink factory and they would deliver your order to your house. The cost for the goods was deducted from your wages.