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Back row: Neil Townsend, ?, ?, ?, Derek Webstock, ?, ?, Michael Davies, Jimmy Ockwell, Ricky Barron, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bobby Hannabuss, Bokkie van Niekerk, ?
Second row down: ?, Ann Greenway, ?, Anne Dickinson, ?, Jean Shepherd, Ellmarie Oosthuizen, Susan Greenway,  ?, Marlies Bluhm, (can’t remember her first name) Jackman, Avril Duffy, Valerie Barron, ?, Fiona Bennett, Alice Shepherd.

Third row down: Unknown

Fourth row down: ?, ?, ?, ?, Michelle Ockwell,  Francis Lindhout, ?, ?, Martha de Pinto, Cathy Austin, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? (I can’t remember her first name) Ockwell, ?, Betty Austin, ?, Barbara Winstanley.

Fifth row down: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Charles Tarrant, ?, Robert Bruce, ?, ?, ?, Gerrit Venter (the Headmaster’s son), Anthony Webstock.

Sixth row down: Teacher – Mr Dickinson, Deputy Headmaster, ?, ?, Mrs Wolfardt, ?  ?, Miss Pienaar, Mr Du Toit.

Seventh row: Boys 6 and 7 = Dougie Hubbard, Mark Austin.

(The above photograph was submitted by Ann Gander (nee Greenway).

I have included her comments. )

"I have such happy memories and I am sure that I can dig out lots of memorabilia from my own memories as well as that of my parents.  We lived in OM for approx 12 years until 1966.

I was in the same class as Robert Bruce and look forward to reading his memories of OM Primary School.


I have one picture I had already scanned which I have sent to your other email address.  It is a picture of Barnato House - Green House - and both myself and Robert are in the picture.  It was taken in 1964 and I am sure quite a few others will recognise themselves as well.I am second row from the top second one in (changed a bit since then!) and
Robert Bruce is fifth row down to the right of the boy waving his hand."

So if anyone else can recognise somebody, let us know.