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Here are a few links that are Oranjemund orientated. If you know of any other links that you deem appropriate for this site, please email me, so that I can include it.


A link to the unique, original, “desert rock” sounds of Oranjemund’s premier rock band.


Connect to the site of Oranjemund’s renowned saxophone player and musician.

Shout Music Company

A link to this family-based music business with strong Oranjemund connections.

Megan Shout

A link to popular Cape Town-based, Oranjemund bred, radio presenter, voice-over artist, function deejay and MC, Meg Shout.

She Built This City

Another of Megan Shout’s sites dedicated to promoting those in the creative arts, particularly in Cape Town.


A link to the Company formely known as Consolidated Diamond Mines of South West Africa (Pty) ltd, now Namdeb

Crayfish Galore!

An interesting page by Ben Oostdam, who recounts his time up at Affenrucken.


Robert Bruce recalls his days as a youngster growing up in Oranjemund.

History Of DeBeers in Namibia

Just a brief history of Oranjemund from the official DeBeers website.

Georg Ruf's Page

Georg lived and worked at CDM during the 70's. He has taken numerous photo's and created this site. The site is in German.When you get to the site, click on the Diamond at the bottom left of the page.


A site similar to this site, save for the fact that it is much older and is trying to reconnect displaced Northern Rhodesians. The Oranjemund community in it's time, was home to a few of these fine characters.