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Paying for Power!


Who would have thought that it was a mistake 17 years ago to sell the big diesel generators from the Power station to an Indian Firm. We now have a shell of a building, a landmark in the town that once boasted the largest privately owned Power Station in the Southern hemisphere.

We all remember those heydays when those big machines would kick in during powercuts, and there were plenty of them back then.

The closer you lived to the Power Station, the louder the noise.Your lights would dim and then suddenly go bright as different loads were used.

Now we are once again experiencing poor power supply due to the poor planning of the South African power utility, ESKOM.

Tenders have been advertised in local newspapers for the supply of power meters to be installed into the various private homes and business's in town. Alas, I fear we will be joing the rest of the world in paying for power, when we can get it!

At least the water is still free!

I have included some photo's of the "heart" of the Powerstation being removed. Thanks to Les Marshall for them.






I remember when the "big fire" happened back in the early 80's. Getting up in the morning late, because the alarm never went off. The crowd outside the Powerstation when I walked to school. If I recall, the town had no power for 3 days.