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Now this is an important part of the site. As I stated earlier, Oranjemund was about people. The reason why the people "meant" more back then, was due to the fact that the workforce comprised of individuals that came from many different countries, the world over. This was the era of the expat worker.

LEW GRIFFITH RICHARDS having a few at the Sportsmans!

Each one of those individuals brought his country to this little part of Africa. His language, his culture, his food, music and skills.

During that period there were people living in Oranjemund that came from lands as diverse as America, France, Greece, Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Poland,Yugoslavia, Italy, Canada, Angola, Rhodesia, Zambia, Botswana, Argentina.

In the pubs around town, these individuals would be known by their nicknames like Gordon the Butcher,Danny the Greek, KannieWorrie, Big Dirk, Magic Allen, Tommy Tit, Irish Allen, Belfast George, Mike the Gypsy, Tommy the Shark, Tommy the Dick, Jimmy the Bank, Big Roy, Wee Roy and Big Jim to name a few.


In those early day's before the arrival of television, Oranjemunders would have found numerous activities at one of the many clubs or societies of the day. The clubs were as diverese as The Golf Club to the Model Airplane club. Jukskei to Computer Club, and don't forget the bars.

Every August, your parents went off to the Rec Club to choose your present for the Company Christmas tree. Kindly paid for by the Company. The Christmas Tree was a blast. An entire themepark and zoo were recreated for that day.


Boarding School was something that most youngsters in Oranjemund had to endure.There is no High School at Oranjemund, so we were shipped of by plane to various schools in South Africa. Some kids even attended schools as far afield as East London.Some company employees actually resigned rather than send their offspring to hostel.

As teenagers in Oranjemund, the Eric Davies Youth Club was the place to hang out during the school holidays. Sessions were held every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday with films being showed on Sunday's. Although there was plenty to do inside the hall, it was deemed "cool" to rather sit outside on the stoep. If you were hardcore, then you new the real action was happening at the back of the club, next to the Scout Hall. That was the place a youth could learn how to drink. There were nights at the back that I was sure more alcohol was being consumed than at the Sportsman's across the road.


The well known Buchanan family, circa 1964, Gus, Sandy and Ian in the front, with Mom & Dad, Jock and Elanoire, and Sandra and Peter. The Baby in the pic is Jo-Anne.


If you were lucky enough to have a girlfriend, you would climb over the fence into the privacy of the pre-primary school.The problem being, quite a few of the dagga rookers also enjoyed the privacy.

Going down to beach was quite a treat back then. Saturday afternoon would find the beach braai shelters full of people braaing and having a party or two. The problem that occured in a lot of cases, was the the wooden structure being used for braai wood.


Sadly, today 90% of the clubs no longer function due to lack of interest. The Mule Derby and Christmas Tree no longer get held , due to tightening of the budget by DeBeers. Although, it must be noted that the Moths still host a yearly Charity Ball.

Oranjemunders back in the day, although living in a remote place of the world, knew how to have a function in style. The above pic was submitted by Sandy Buchanan.

I quote Sandy-" Some  old  faces  ..  Uncle  Arthur and  Curly Davis  . My Dad and  then  My  Mom  in  the  front ... does  anyone recognise  any  of  the other faces "


The apprentice scheme is no longer in practice here on the mine. The Dragon and Big Wheel lie rusting in the desert mist down at Independence Park. Most of the climbing frames and slides have been removed from the parks. Fallen trees are no longer replaced.


A link will be placed on this page that will have a list where you will be able to submit, your name, email, location and time spent in Oranjemund, so that we can build a database of Oranjemunders(ex), that will enable us to reconnect with lost friends and family.In the meantime, please feel free to use the Forum option to post questions concerning the whereabouts of other Oranjemunders.

A ticket to the Diamond Queen Ball in 1955.

Living in such a remote place in those Television free day's caused the pioneering Oranjemunder's to create their own entertainment. This covered everything from Derby Day's, Sport's Tour's and Diamond Queen Ball's.

The above photo was taken in 1959/60 in Luderitz. Over the Easter Weekend's, Oranjemund would despatch various sporting teams to the surrounding towns to play their games. (The tall chap at the back is Ann's dad, Mr. Greenway)

Another popular form of entertainment in those infant years, was the theatre or the "Little Theatre" as we locals knew it. Amidst competing forms of entertainment, the show still goes on, with the players still performing at least once a year.

Ann Greenway has kindly sent me a program from those day's of yesteryear.

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mrs coffin












Although taken in 2001, this was my father, Jock Alexander's, Farewell. This article, for me is historical, as it was the last of the "big" names of the "Old Oranjemunders". Most of these people have themselves already retired.


The Christmas Tree held on the Rugby Field in 1975. This is the spot where the senior classrooms of OPS now stand.

This was the beast of a plane that was used to ferry the Boarding School kids back and to Cape Town.

The Boarding School kids on the flight back to school.

A Burns Nite Supper being held in the Moth Hall in the late 70's

A typical CDM Garden with the corrugated iron Garage in 1976

Remember the old wooden braai shelters down at the beach?

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And this image!

Oranjemunder's enjoyed relaxing down at the Yacht Club. Here we see Yacht Club stalwart, Brian Thornton.

Taken at an old Oranjemunder get together about 9 years ago. From left to right, Ena Bennett  Eddie  Daniels , Mrs Buchanan   and  Flora  Fry . (Submitted by Sandy Buchanan)

A reunion with none other than Robert Smith and Brian Eyre.

The Jones Family

Edgar and Nina Jones
Marie and Ian Thomas with daughters Sanchia, Bryony and Derellyn.
Mr and Mrs Thomas.
Ann and Andre Du Toit with Jean, Sheron and Justin.
Carolyn and Nigel Evans with our dog Haigar.
Chris and Michelle Jones with Perl and Garion.

"Here is a family photo taken Xmas 1997 when we were all together" - Carolyn Evans