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Below is a few links to a large variety of photographs submitted by Kenny Ramage from a number of Musical and Variety events held at the Little theatre in the 90's. The photo's do not have captions to them, but a number of faces are recognisable. When clicking on the photographs below, a seperate page will open. - Thanks to Kenny Ramage.

Kennys Music

Click To See Music 1

Music 2

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Music 3

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Variety 1

Click To See Variety 1 (1998)

Variety 2

Click To See Variety 2 (1998)

The Appies 1988

Clicking on the above cover will open up a photo album of the Apprentice Year Book from 1988, thanks

to Barend Matthee (Balletjies) for the content.

The Boxing Club

The Above Photo was submitted by Bobby Smith and I include his "edited" words:

" its a pic of the om boxing club,in the middle row,second from end,looking from right is the chap called SPIDERMAN MCABE,im also on the end"

Update: 5th July 2016, from Herman Steyn.


  1. The back row – first person on the left – Dempsey – I think his name was Roy – Roy Dempsey
    Second row from the back – i.e middle row 1 st person on the left : Goelie Kruger  ( Son of PPJ Kruger the local policeman – He had 2 brothers  Jacob the eldest and a younger brother Duimpie .
    Second Row second from the right  - John Mc Cabe – “Spider Mc Cabe “ He was infamous for slapping Mr Dickinson through the face at the end of a break at school for refusing to fall into line. He then ran away – direction desert only to return the next day.
    Front row second from the left: Kleintjie Pretorius.