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A photograph can say so much, especially if you no longer live in Oranjemund. With a photograph you can remember the past or see how things have changed! You can remember people and places that are perhaps no longer around.

These photographs are just a sample of what I have , but due to space restrictions, I have downsized them.

There is no story to accompany the photographs, just a posting of loads of photographs. If I ever get the time, I will add comment to each one.

If you can add any comment to any of the photographs, please email me at michael@oranjemundonline.com.

The photographs have been scrounged wherever I can find them, so If by chance I have one of yours and you wish to have it removed or acknowledged, then contact me.

When you click on a topic on the right, this window will stay open and a Photo Album window will pop open. Just close the Photo Album window to return here.

Please send me any photographs you have that would be off an interest to any ex Oranjemunders. Just make sure they have been scaled down to a size at least less than 300kb.

The above photo is Michelle and David Long, and for some strange reason I also remembered the day the Jet came to Town.

Padre' Cawthorne performing the marriage vows for the Kemp's Daughter's wedding. The photo was submitted by Robert Bruce who believe it or not happens to be the choirboy at the back. We are looking for names to the faces.

UPDATE: Well we had the bride in the photo, Jacky Behr contact us and I include her comments -

"Hi Michael, Imagine my amazement.   I had a sms from Errol Trethewey last night giving me your website, and telling me to have a look at my wedding photo!!!   Got onto the web immediately.   How nostalgic I became.   My maiden name was Kemp (Eve and Chris Kemp's daughter) and I married the now late Pete Behr on 4th Aprl 1964.......43 years ago!!!    We left Oranjemund in 1967 so I don't know too may of the people listed under Contacts.   I tried to put my particulars on but it was rejected, so I obviously did something wrong, but will try again.
I dug out my wedding photos so that I can put some names to the faces on the photo, but am ashamed to say that there are a lot that even I don't remember.   My 2 bridesmaids were Ann and Jennifer Bruce, Roberts sisters. Lets start from Robert on the extreme right.   Next to him is my dad, Chris Kemp, then Father Cawthorne, Iris Kemp (married to my late brother Ken), tall lady above my head is Maureen Kemp nee Kretchmer,  married to my late brother Tony).Left of the bridegroom is my Mom (Eve Kemp) then Tony Kemp, next to him (hiding) is Errol Trethewey who I still in contact with.
The photo is very small , but if I can get it enlarged, maybe I can give you some other names.
I am also still in contact with Binnie Fouche, Hennie Pelser and Ikie Johnston.......all from that same era......50 years of friendship with some of them.
I live in White River,Mpumalanga now"


This picture entitled Oranjemund 1969, was submitted by Dieter Heiser, and I quote, " Attached a picture of the 1969 intake of apprentices. This photo was taken before the official appy hair cut took place.

Back row from left:
Colin Dunster, ?, Andre Hanekom, Bobbie De Clerck, Charlie Blakemore, Kosie Krige, Frans Wenzel, ?, Mike Davis Ronnie Van Den

Front Row:
Beyers Krige,  Viv Reyneke, Jannie Smit, Mario Dickson, Linol Dickson, Kleintjie Liebenberg.

Do not recall the names of the 2 ? in the back row."

The email address for photographs is photographs@oranjemundonline.com