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 Jasper House


The mother of all clubs. At it's zenith of power it had more than 52 different clubs affiliated to it. This was the heart of Oranjemund throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's. In her time she had 2 restaurants and 4 different bars not to mention the Supper Room, Lambs park ,Ladies Lounge and the main Hall!

Today, the Rec Club is a shadow of it's former glorious past. That era when everyone from Presidents to Bruce Fordyce would have given a speech or two. This once proud building now serves as the Administration HQ for OTMCO, Oranjemund Town Management Council, formely Township.

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As a kid, the Rec Club was by far my favourite place to play!

Lucky for me, my parents were both Scots and like to have quite a bit o' dram, so my brothers and I were constantly exploring all the corridors and rooms of that big building called the Recreation Club!