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This intersting tale on a failed attempt to flee the Sperrgebiedt with a plane full of diamonds was send in by Frank Brindley.


Back before I worked for CDM, a geologist that worked for CDM who stored a valuable cache of diamonds  on the coast left the mine.

He then travelled to Cape Town and found a pilot willing to fly him back up to the diamond fields to recover the cache.

They flew up and landed on the beach near the cache, unfortunately for them when they landed, the aircraft became bogged.

Shortly afterwards the men were arrested with the diamonds, the aircraft was confiscated and for some years stood on the beach as a warning to other would be smugglers.

Now in 1970 that aircraft was brought to central fields still intact, it was cleaned up and used at the children's xmas party as a swing  or roundabout.

I have told that story many times in the 30 odd years since I left the mines.