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While teaching at the Primary School I had the pleasure of seeing some really interesting ways the employees saw there way of working. I taught Physical Education at the school and it was on one of the mornings I saw a worker sitting in a wheel barrow on the cricket field. It was about 9 in the morning.

When my 3rd class arrived for class we went out onto the cricket field and there in front of me was the same employee sitiing in the wheeel barrow and it had not moved since 9. I went over the the employee and asked why he was still sitting. His answer made me laugh: "The boss has not told me what to do" was his answer.

While still teaching the second incident was seeing the mowers cutting the grass on the cricket field. They were going round and round cutting the grass when the siren for lunch went. The driver stopped his mower and walked across the field to the cricket pavilion to have his lunch. He could have carried on for another minute and then stop where his lunch was. I asked him why he left his mower on the other side of the field. His answer was that his job discription stated he has lunch when the siren goes and so he downs tools and has lunch.

Makes one think


(submitted by Lionel Benjamin)