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Sometime in the late 70's and early 80's, there was a giant of a contractor living in Oranjemund.This man had an appetite and

heart as big as an ox. If one never actually knew this giant of a man, you would think twice about disagreeing with him about

anything.His name was Big Tim Fennessy, or the Gentle Giant to his friends.

To give you an indication of the strength of this man, a story did the rounds of the pubs in town of how this man bent a

ratchet extension on the mine with one hand whilst leaning against it. Big Tim went to visit a fellow artisan one morning on

the mine. This mate of his was having a torrid time trying to get a nut loose on a machine. Now an artisan can take a steel

extension rod and fit it onto the end of his ratchet, then using both hands and his body weight, he can force the nut loose.

As the story goes, he battled and battled, but to no avail, that nut would not move. Then Big Tim turned up for a chat. While

the two were chatting away, Big Tim kinda leaned against the extension while chatting and started to force that nut. But

against all odds that nut stood fast. But the metal extension rod, bent at 90 degree's.


One Saturday afternoon during an informal drinking session at the Sportsmans, a friend of Big Tim's, Jock Alexander, invited

him around for a braai that evening at E7-1st Avenue. With that Jock left to prepare the fire, whilst Tim had a few more

drinks to sort out.

Now being a contractor in Oranjemund in those day's, the chances of you owning your own car was pretty slim. Nevertheless,

undeterred and in the darkness, Tim headed down to 1st Avenue. After wandering the entire length of that long avenue, he

eventually found his friend, Jock's house. He headed straight to the crowd that had gathered around the meat laden braai. Now

as I said earlier, this is a man with the appetite of ten men. Many a generous woman knows that when you invite Tim around

for Christmas dinner, you buy an extra Turkey, Gammon, Chicken and Roast, just for Tim. This man can eat. Anyhow, as many of

you know, it's quite common in Oranjemund for some people to dine right off the braaigrid. This is the manner in which Tim

preferred his braai. So in between a few drinks, Tim helped himself to vast quantities of meat from the fire. The other 7 men

standing around the fire and stared in utter disbelief as Big Tim, slowly, cleared that braaigrid. They had never seen a

man eat so much.

After about an hour of dining and drinking, Tim turned around to the stunned gentleman standing on his right, to enquire

where Jock was, " Was he perhaps having his traditional Saturday evening after the bar nap? ". The man whispered to Tim, as

not to upset the giant, "Jock does'nt live here, His house is four down!". And with that Big Tim bid all g'nite and departed

to Jock's house.

(submitted by Mike)