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Many stories were told/conjured up, in the many watering holes of Oranjemund
and this one sort of sums up the "characters" who made up the unique town we
lived in. Story goes as such (don't know who the person involved is, or who
started the story; doesn't really matter). Must have happened about 25 odd
year ago "if at all", HA HA.

While travelling from Port Nolloth to Oranjemund one night, wind blowing a
gale like it sometimes does on the Westcoast, the driver of a vehicle
noticed that his headlights were getting dimmer. After stopping the vehicle
and a quick inspection it was noticed that the wind was actually blowing the
headlight beams under the car. When the driver reached OMD he decided to
install stronger headlights so as to prevent a re-ocurrence. Some days later
he told his mates in the pub that he now had problems getting his vehicle
into the garage as his headlights were so strong that when they shone
against the backwall he couldn't get the vehicle into the garage. One night
after returning from the pub, engine gunning, to get the car into the garage
he switched off the lights and the car shot forward through the backwall of
the garage (damaged car/pay company for damage to property).

Submitted by

Annerita Olivier