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(The above picture was submitted by Alain Gonzales)

The following section, has been created to allow you to send me your pictures, which I will resize and put into an 'album" for you.These pictures should have a short description and have relevance to anybody or anything Oranjemund orientated.In some cases, just click on the folder's name and a window will open with the relevant album.In other cases a new page will be refreshed, just click on the back button at the top left hand corner to return here.

These folder's are in no specific order and it must be noted that in some cases, the actual names of the album do not mean necessarily meant that they are the property of the person who submitted them, unless stated.

Kenny Ramage's Pictures

Kenny Ramage's Photo's

( A collection of people and places)

Fc Rust's Mine Pictures

FC Rust's Photo's

(A couple of nice pic's of an old German Diamond

plant south of Bogenfels)

Bogenfels Pictures

Elizabeth Bay and Bogenfels

(Some pictures of the Bogenfels Arch and the old town at Elizabeth Bay)

Orange River and Daberasthumb

Orange River and Daberas

(A few more pictures from the Orange River Mines Area to the east of Oranjemund along the Orange River.)

Floods in Oranjemund

The Floods

(Some really awesome wet pictures of the Town and Golf Course under water.)

Mavis Padruths Photo's

Mavis Padruth's Photo's

(A nice historical collection of the old Oranjemund Shopping Centre. This complex is still used as a Services building and currently houses, Spar, Woolworths and Bank Windhoek.)

Patricia Lotte's Photo's from her return visit!

Patricia Lotte's Photo's

(Patricia returned to Oranjemund in November 2004 and took these high quality images of various places in and around town that held a lot of memories for her. These are shared in a photoalbum)

The Gray Family's Years in Oranjemund

Gary Grays Family Pics

(Gary Gray submitted a few nice pics in B&W of the Gray and Heydendrch


The Voden Family Pics!

Voden Family Pics

(A few photo's of friends, events and a braai from the Voden Family's time in Oranjemund!)

CDM Booklet

Consolidated Diamond Mines Booklet

(Here is a CDM information Booklet from the 1950's that was submitted by Joco!) *Note: this is a 2 meg page, so it will take a while to open the page, unless you are lucky enough to have a fast connection.

John Mason's Memories

John Mason's Memories

John was a contractor in Oranjemund in the Mid 70's and shares a few of his memories.

Sharon Field's Memories

Sharon Field's Pictures

The Field's family lived in Oranjemund during the 70's and 80's. Here are

a few Photographs from Sharon Fields.

Sylvia's Pics

Sylvia Joyner's Pictures

A collection of faces and memories from Sylvia's time spent in Oranjemund


Bank runthumb

The Bank Run

A few interesting pics form Harold Webster from the Cash in transit delivery to Oranjemund


DebMarine Diamond Boats

David Long has submitted a few photographs of his trips out to the DeBeers Diamond boat, The Debmar Pacific.

Steve Masters Memories

Steve Masters Memories

A varied collection of people and places from Steve's days in Oranjemund during the late 80's

Malcolm's Affenrucken Snaps

Malcolm's Affenrucken Snaps

Malcolm Bertoni's day's spent up at the Northern Area's of the Mine at Affenrucken and Chamais area.


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