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Today, the 16th January 2008 was the day that I returned to OPS after an absence of almost 30 years.

The purpose behind this, was to take my youngest daughter to her "big" day at starting at OPS in her school uniform.

Under the tree at Grade1


As I stood under the dark green tree, watching all the mothers reassure their young ones, my mind started to wander back to the 70's. To a time when there was no 'new" school on the rugby field. To the time when the Audiotorium was a small classroom opposite the art and woodwork class's.

It was then that I chanced apon the current school principal, Mr. Dieter Meyer, who was only happy to give me a quick guided tour. I thought a number of you would be interested to see how certain aspects of the school have changed.

Along the Wall in the Hall

The Hall has been renovated and looks stunning, being a Barbato man myself, the Blue chairs were'nt to my liking.

The Stage in The Hall

In my day's the pelmet area above the windows were adorned with the bright colours of BARNATO , OPPENHEIMER and RHODES. This has now gone in favour of a Trophy cabinet.

The Trophy cabinet

Right next door to the Tropy cabinet are the following three Awards Boards. Some of you Old timers might recognise a name or two.

Awards board1

Awards Board2

Awards Board 3

The Quad without the pond.

I was surprised to see that the old fish pond had gone and been replaced with a water fountain.

The door to the hall

Many of you would remember this enterance to the School Hall.

Another point I noticed , was that the school is undergoing a colour change, with the old blue and white on the way out in favour of a desert beige. I like the new colour and feel that it fits in better with the surroundings.

The eating area's

This was quite a novel concept. Dieter explained to me, that three of these outdoor eating area's have been put up around the school for the pupils to enjoy their lunch. They also serve a dual purpose with some teachers taking their class outside to learn on a nice warm summers day.