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Apprentice Waiters at Bridge Opening Function.

This photo was taken in 1951. It was a function dinner laid on for The Oppenheimer's during the opening of the bridge across the mighty Orange River. What intrigue's me about this particular photo, is who are all these young men? Where are they all today? And I wonder what their pay was? Anyone of you recognise anyone here, please let me know.

UPDATE: (02 July 07) : Well that was quick, the site has been live for 4 days and Lee Brockman (Krynauw) has just emailed to say that the person in the black suit on the far right is her grandfather, Jack Krynauw. One down nine to go!

UPDATED: (24/10/2012): Thanks to Jacky Kemp Behr for adding the following info to the above intersting photograph.

"And under he heading "THE PEOPLE" you have a picture of apprentices at some dinner....well, the chap the 3rd from the left is Dickie Davis, then the 5th and 6th from the left  .....that's my borthers, Bob Kemp and Ken Kemp.   Recognise a couple of the other faces , but cant put names to them, sorry"