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The one thing that I always remember, was the way rumours, stories and tall tales would do the rounds on the "Bush Telegraph"

The "characters" of Oranjemund were never short of a story or two. A tale of affairs, pregnancy or a diamond theft case or two.

The best places, besides the workplace, to exchange this gossip would be at the Shopping Centre, Post Office or Pub.

This strong tradition of information exchanging is still evident in the shop till this day.

This section of the site is dedicated for you to send me any story, or tall tale you remember about your time here. I'll review it and the post it for the others to remember with you.

Please submit your story to stories@oranjemundonline.com







1) Overtaking the Junction

2) Work Ethics

3) Tim's Tale

4) Domesticated Brandy

5) Trench Drunks

6) The Missing Chef

7) The Bending Light

8) The Missing Van

9) The Best Dressed Rig

10) The Flight of Diamonds

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